[27 Days] Are You Allergic to Rest?

[27 Days] Are You Allergic to Rest?

I’m nearing the end. The house is on its way to being empty. And I’m tired. Just 4 days to go!


Yesterday, I went to see my Doctor of Oriental Medicine for some tooth discomfort and concerns about my energy levels on this epic road trip we’re about to go on.

Source: wikipedia. full disclosure: Not my arm!

Source: wikipedia. Full disclosure: Not my arm or my doctor!

I was on the table full of acupuncture needles when he said, “You have an allergy.”


“Oh,” I said. “To what?”




“That’s not good,” I said. “But I’m in the middle of moving and my kids need a lot right now during this transition. It’s a lot going on, but it won’t last forever. And I know I need rest!”


He showed me with muscle testing, which is also called kinesiology, how my body was showing that I don’t need rest, that I believe that I’m not doing enough and I need to be doing more.


This, even though I am working until 1am most nights and up before 8 for another full day.


He was right. I do feel that way. I think that’s a big reason for downsizing and making our lives a bit smaller and making our lives less complicated by having fewer things.


But in the meantime, it’s a lot of chaos and lots of work. Who has time to rest?


Well, even with all that’s going on, I need to find the time. I laughed a bit that once those acupuncture needles were in my feet, I wasn’t going anywhere and had no choice but to rest.


Maybe you feel this way, too?


In a member discussion with my Academy members last night, we talked about finding the time for ourselves. Maybe healing our spaces doesn’t seem quite as important as healing our relationship with time and self-care, that we are worthy of taking time, money, and other resources to care for ourselves.


What does taking care of ourselves even mean?

Photo Credit Rebecca Thompson Hitt

Photo Credit Rebecca Thompson Hitt

What is self-care for you? I suggested it was when you go beyond just your core needs for a new bra because your old ones are falling into pieces, or the thrift store clothes so you have something to wear, unless you LOVE thrift shopping and it feels really good when you find something that you love that someone no longer needs.


Maybe you love to paint and haven’t done it in years. It would feel so good to have an entire hour with a canvas and your favorite brushes.


What is it for you?


Self-care includes your needs AND your wants.

You might need new clothes because yours are falling apart (after prioritizing your growing children’s need for new clothes over yours too many times). You might want a new purse.


You might need some time where no one is talking to you or touching you. You might need a drink of water.


You might want to have several hours to go to the beach without chasing sandy children or you might really need several hours alone.


Once you’ve figured out what you need and want, what do you need to do it? This is where you look at your own resources in your current life today. These decisions need to be re-evaluated as your community and your circumstances change. What might not have been possible when you had a toddler might be much more attainable now that your child is 7.


We all have our own path to finding ways to meet our needs. And yet, we all have so much in common with each other, as we found out on our member call the other night. Let’s support one another!


I’d love to hear your experiences and your thoughts about what you need and want and any strategies you’ve used to make it happen. Maybe someone else will be inspired by your story, so share in the comments! If you found this interesting or helpful, please share with your friends!



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