27 Days

27 Days

My whole world is about to change. We're making a big leap into the unknown.

We have 27 days to be out of our house that we've been renting since we blended our families two and a half years ago. My two boys, now 17 and 12, and my husband's two kids, now 20 and 22 needed a big space, so we found one.

We got the house with the big pool and yard, fire pit, and a great room with a big table and chairs. Many days it really wasn't big enough for the lot of us, with kids coming and going at all hours, trying to work from home, and all the animals all having something to say (the guinea pig, hedgehog, iguanas, cat, fish, and Chihuahua, which is loosely a dog).

The oldest two bought their first cars and two learned to drive here. They’re ready for new adventures now. My oldest is 17 and finishing his last year of his magnet culinary high school. And my youngest is ready for adventures as we homeschool/ worldschool, also starting in just 27 days. It's a great house for launching and it is now time for that.

We've been talking about letting this house go and finding something smaller for a while. It's expensive. It's a LOT to keep up with. We spend so much of our time working just to stay here and that's not really the life we want. We were planning to let the house go early next year or by the end of May when my oldest finishes high school at the latest.

But we were notified that our landlord is selling our house. And soon. It may not be exactly the best timing ever, but it's time to leap.

So we're letting it go and we're taking a leap into the unknown.

Costa Rica, photo credit Rebecca Hitt

Costa Rica, photo credit Rebecca Hitt

I have conferences in September in Birmingham, AL and Seattle, WA, so we were already planning to do some traveling in September (though not quite like this!) We're taking my youngest on the road for an unschooling / worldschooling adventure. We also have friends in Ecuador we're going to go visit. Not having a home base for a while will give us some flexibility, though it's a bit scary to not know where we're going after our adventures. Luckily both my husband and I can work from anywhere with an internet connection, so we'll be alright in the end. And we want to do this.

So it’s time.

But I ONLY have 27 days to pack up my whole house. ACK!

We need to get rid of anything we’re not putting in storage and if we’re not putting it in storage, it needs to go.

So I called on my friend and colleague, Christy Diane Farr. If you remember my radio show, True North Parents, you’ll remember my co-host Christy. We had so much fun working together and now I have a reason to connect with her again for this month! We're both really excited about that.

Christy is the author of the book, Is Your Home a Happy Place? where she talks about releasing what no longer serves you and offers support to help make your home your happy place. She lives in Minnesota where it's really cold and I live in Florida where it usually isn't. We get along anyway. And she's really good at helping people to release things.

Well, we have a WHOLE lot of releasing to do this month!

We’re going to be having lots of spontaneous conversations, video chats, and short blog posts as I navigate my way through my 2200 square foot home and get everything we’re keeping into a small storage unit.

Simplifying. Letting go.

I believe that’s something we all need to do, whether it’s your schedule, your things, or your emotional stuff. And Christy is really good at helping with this process. And that's our theme for the month!

I suspect that you’ll learn a lot as I go through my own process with her and maybe you’ll be inspired to release some things along the way. The principles are the same whether you’re downsizing your whole house like we are or if you’re just trying to clear a room or a space for yourself.

We’re going to have some free stuff on the blog so that anyone can play along and we’ll also have some special things for my Academy members.

You can join for the month for only $27 (that’s just a dollar a day until I move! and a discount of $12 to play with us) and you can get the full experience. We’ll have calls where you can ask your own questions, conversations about Christy's book, and all the other bonuses that come with membership, including access to all my courses and content on a wide variety of topics. It’s a good deal. And it will help with our moving expenses, so we thank you in advance for that, as well.

I'm also offering a $100 discount for a one year membership this month. It's normally $397 for the year, but for the month of August, it's $297. Again, it will help me to move and support you and your family in the process, so I thank you for your support!

The great thing about all of this is that Christy is constantly talking about 27 things and how that’s the perfect number of things to release at a time. And here we are with 27 days to go.

I spoke with Christy this morning to get a game plan going for our move and we thought it was hilarious that it happened to be with 27 days to go. That wasn't planned.

So follow along with us as I update when I can here or join us for $27 for the whole mess of craziness. We’ll see how consciously I can move through this transition. Wish me luck!



P.S. If you’re in the southeastern US, I’ll be at the Rethinking Everything conference in Birmingham, Alabama for the 3rd year as a speaker. Join us if you can. It’s going to be a great event!

P.S.S. If you happen to be in Oregon, I’m going to be doing some speaking events there in mid-late October. Details will follow as I figure them out. I have a few other things going on at the moment, as you may imagine. Email me if you want to be notified if you're nearby.

P.S.S.S. Want to read along in Christy's book? Enjoy either the Kindle version (less stuff to keep track of or release later) or the paperback edition. I may receive a small financial compensation if you use these links. You know the drill. And I appreciate your support and so does Christy!

I'm pulling out my Kindle this month and I'll be rereading the book and writing some short things about the book on my blog or recording short videos. So grab your own copy and read along with us! We'll also have a free forum where you can join the discussions whether you're a member of the Academy or not.

Is Home Your Happy Place by Christy Diane Farr: The Unruly Woman's Approach to Space Healing





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  • Catolina

    OMG Rebecca I wish you all the best for this transition!! At the end is always worthy the change!!😉

    • Rebecca Thompson Hitt

      Thanks, Carolina! I’m excited about it! Thanks for the well wishes!

  • Jessixa

    I love hearing about this adventure! I embarked on a similar adventure with my daughter last year & it was a ride! Amazing & sometimes a little scary— but totally conscious! 💝 Enjoy & many blessings to you!

    • Rebecca Thompson Hitt

      Thanks for sharing that you did something similar with your daughter last year! I’m, of course, open to tips if you have any to share. 🙂

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