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Connection Parenting

Connection Parenting

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9781932279764CONNECTION PARENTING is based on the parenting series Pam Leo has taught for nearly 20 years. Pam’s premise is that every child’s greatest emotional need is to have a strong emotional bond with at least one adult. When we have a bond with a child we have influence with a child. Pam teaches us that when we strengthen our parent-child bond we meet the child’s need for connection and our need for influence.


Parenting experts from around the world have embraced Pam Leo’s work. Dr. Christiane Northup writes: “Pam’s Connection Parenting is utterly transformational. If all parents read and applied its wisdom, the world would be transformed. Pam Leo has been working with families for more than thirty years as a childcare provider, parent educator, childbirth educator, doula, grief work facilitator, and parent mentor. With a passion for learning, teaching, and writing about optimal human development Pam was the Empowered Parents columnist for the Parent & Family paper in Maine for over ten years. Pam’s website can be found HERE.

Connection Parenting On-Demand Course!

We are please to offer the Connection Parenting On-Demand Course to dive deep into each chapter of the Connection Parenting book, and offer tips and real-world advice on how to implement the tenants of this groundbreaking work by Pam Leo.

The seven week Connection Parenting Workshop series is for parents, grandparents, childcare providers, teachers, and anyone who wants to bring more understanding, love, and joy to their relationship with children of all ages. We are pleased to be able to offer this, one of our most popular classes, in our On Demand format and via a LIVE webinar series!

We’ve put together a class, led by Rebecca Thompson, and featuring recordings of Pam Leo, author of Connection Parenting. Pam
is a good friend to the Consciously Parenting Project, and has been ill. A portion of the proceeds from each Connection Parenting class go directly to Pam.

When you purchase this course, you will receive:

Seven 1-Hour interactive webinar classes, on demand, consumed at your leisure.
•You also get access to a secret Facebook group to discuss topics and interact with other participants and Rebecca Thompson.
•Downloadable Materials to help you navigate the course material.



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