Creating Conscious Community – With Scott Noelle

Creating Conscious Community – With Scott Noelle

Creating Conscious Community – With Scott Noelle

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Creating Conscious Community – The whys, hows and lessons learned to find your way out of parental solitude - with Scott Noelle and Rebecca Thompson Hitt

  • Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed with the tasks of parenting?
  • Have you ever felt alone, or criticized for the ways you choose to parent?
  • Have you ever had a moment where you just wanted to talk to someone who understands what you are going through?

If you have, you aren’t alone.

Our modern society’s emphasis on the nuclear family, and our more mobile culture, has left many parents without the support of generations of family members and a close knit community. Additionally, our mainstream cultural ideals of parenting are often not supportive of the connecting, nurturing and responsive guidance that our children need to develop into socially and emotionally capable adults. Parents who do try to find an alternative path, or their own path, through parenting, may find themselves without the support of their families, or even of other parents around them. And yet the support of a nurturing community is integral to the healthy development of both parents and children.

So what are we to do?

In this inspiring, informative, and entertaining conversation between Rebecca Thompson Hitt and Scott Noelle, Author of The Daily Groove, you will learn:

  • The main ideas behind the Continuum Concept in support of healthy families;
  • the importance of having a supportive community;
  • how we can find, or create, our own supportive community;
  • how we need to start with ourselves before looking outside ourselves for support;
  • how our family’s needs for community change over time;
  • the barriers to forming communities in our modern day culture;
  • about people who are working to make a difference right now; and
  • about current conscious communities – both online and local – that you can connect with today.

So if you have a little over an hour to spare, please join us for this enlightening, and highly personal conversation about what it takes to form, find and create community – the mistakes and successes one family has made along the way – and why this is all so important.







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