Healing Stories

Healing Stories

Healing Stories

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Are you looking for a way to communicate better with your child? Another way to handle the challenges of having little people (or maybe not so little people) without resorting to yelling or punishment?

You’ll learn simple techniques that you can use in your family to create more connection in your daily life together. This workshop will be offered in 4 60-minute sessions and you can pick and choose the ones most interesting and relevant to you. Best of all, you get to choose when you participate! *Workshop #1 is the foundational principles and I’d recommend joining in even if you are most interested in one of the others as we will be expanding upon this foundation in the later workshops.


  • Workshop #1: Healing Stories and Every Day Communication
  • Workshop #2: Healing Stories and Sharing Birth Stories with Infants and Toddlers in the Family Setting (Helps with sleeping, nursing, and high need babies)
  • Workshop #3: Healing Stories and Older Kids
  • Workshop #4: Healing Stories and Trauma with a capital T



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