Let’s Play – Get Moving with Larry Cohen


Let’s Play – Get Moving with Larry Cohen

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Please join Rebecca Thompson Hitt, MS, MFT, as she talks to Larry Cohen, Ph.D., psychologist and best-selling author of Playful Parenting and The Opposite of Worry about the importance of getting our kids moving and engaging our children in play to avoid power struggles.
In our conversation, we talked specifically about what play iswhat it looks like and why it is important for closeness, for reconnection, for recovering from emotional distress and just plain FUN! We also talked about what we as parents and caregivers - who often get caught up in our serious, adult world - can do when we think we don’t have time or space in our lives for play. We talked about how you can read cues from your children, so you don’t miss out on invitations to play and ways to approach your child if they are in a phase where they are difficult to engage or absorbed in video games or other technology. We will also talk about how to help you help your child move through difficult situations, by engaging them in play, how roughhousing is for everyone – not just kids and puppies! - and how to smooth the transition from playtime to other activities when play time is over (often one of the most difficult parts of play.)
So if you often find yourself engaged in power struggles with your children, if you are looking for new ways to connect with them or if you just feel that you could use a little bit more playtime in your life, please join us for a fun and engaging conversation on these important topics!




About Larry Cohen, PhD

Lawrence J. Cohen, Ph.D., the author of PLAYFUL PARENTINGand THE OPPOSITE OF WORRY, is a licensed psychologist specializing in children's play and play therapy. In addition to his private therapy practice, he is also a speaker and consultant to public and independent schools, and a teacher of parenting classes and classes for daycare teachers. Dr. Cohen is also the co-author, with Anthony DeBenedet, of The Art of Roughhousing. He wrote two books about children's friendships and peer relationships with Michael Thompson and Catherine O'Neill Grace: Best Friends, Worst Enemies, and Mom, They're Teasing Me.
His books have been translated into fourteen languages. Larry's column in Nick Jr. Magazine was the winner of the 2003 Golden Lamp award from Education Press.

Dr. Cohen is the author of numerous published articles in professional journals and popular magazines, and he has presented his work at professional conferences, workshops, classes, and public appearances.

Dr. Cohen attended Haverford College and received his doctorate in clinical psychology from Duke University. After an internship at Tulane University, he began a research and private practice career in Madison, Wisconsin. His treatment innovations have included the first groups in the country for husbands and boyfriends of sexual abuse survivors, as well as one of the first therapy groups for male survivors of sexual abuse. All of his work -- with children, parents, couples, abuse survivors, and families -- has pointed him towards writing about human connections.

Dr. Cohen lives in Boston, Massachusetts. He and his wife Liz have two grown children.

You can learn more about Larry and his many projects at his website, Playful Parenting.

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    Shirley Archibald

    Thanks. I really enjoyed this video. Some great ideas for connecting with your kids and even some for teens too!

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