The Importance of Self-Care…especially when everything is crazy.

The Importance of Self-Care…especially when everything is crazy.


Photo credit: Janet Conner

I made it through the webinar with Christy on Friday afternoon and was done.

I hadn't slept well the whole previous week and I was just exhausted from the combination of stress, work, and, well, moving. So much emotional stuff coming up and moving through. Not to mention that holding so many moving parts between two adults is hard.

Communicating expectations for the others we live with (our children) is also challenging. More on the kids later.

So this weekend, I reached a point where I just had to take care of myself. I spent more time sleeping than I normally would have while still keeping the day to day operations running. I emptied my giant book shelf and sorted all the books, putting most in the yard sale pile and putting the rest into categories so I can find them when it's time to work on Consciously Parenting Babies and Book 4, which is Consciously Healing Relationships. I'm looking forward to the space to write again!

I went out and did grocery shopping on Sunday, then took another nap. After that, I got up and went to yoga.

A couple of Sundays during the month, we have yoga at my friend Janet Conner's house. She has a lovely space and it just always feels good to be there. I actually wrote books 1-3 on her kitchen table, so it holds a lot of good memories for me personally. This particular yoga, Kali Natha Yoga, is a devotional yoga, so lots of meditation mixed into the physical movements.

I find it deeply nourishing and recharging.

Betsy yoga

Photo credit: Rebecca Thompson Hitt

Don't you feel more relaxed just looking at that picture? Ahhhhh...

What recharges you? Share in the comments.

I'm off to do the 27 Things Challenge for my closet from Christy's Book now that I'm ready to face the world, and this move, once again. I'll report on my progress tomorrow.

Did you miss the call with Christy on Friday? You can listen to that call here:



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