In Times Like These… Remember the Helpers

In Times Like These… Remember the Helpers


I had a really moving conversation with my 12-year-old this afternoon about the Orlando massacre. He was talking about what he's heard - so much about the person who killed and hurt so many innocent people. He doesn't understand how someone could kill people because of who they love and he said, "Why are there so many bad people in the world?" I could feel the heaviness in his question. It was in that moment that I realized he is only hearing the bad parts - and there are plenty - in this awful time when many of my friends and clients and loved ones are no longer safe.


So I started talking about all the good things people have done since the events in Orlando on Sunday morning.


  • I shared about a young man who escaped from the club who saved the life of another man who he didn't know by taking off his own shirt and talking to him to keep him awake until help arrived. He rode with him in the ambulance and was distressed when they wouldn't let him know the man's status because he wasn't family. My eyes filled with tears as I shared this with him. He was crying, too. The man who was saved has twin boys two years younger than my son. Because of the one man's bravery, they still have a father. By then, I was really crying.
  • I talked about the line of blood donors 6 hours long, Chick-Fil-A firing up the grills on Sunday - when they're always closed - to make food for those waiting to donate blood.
  • I talked about how much money has been donated to victims and their families, and the candle light vigils around the world.

These things don't change what happened. They don't make the world safer for those I love and respect, who are hurting so much and fearing for their own lives in the LBGTQ community. They don't solve the issue of how to make our country and world safer for everyone. But as we cried together and thought about all the good people in the world, we both settled.


Remember the helpers.


Mr Rogers was so very wise.


(Photo Credit: Reuters/Carlo Allegri)

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