Attachment Stories - Learn how to Create, Nurture & Heal Relationships (Sale)

Attachment – Part 1

What's the story of your child's early life? What happens early in life becomes part of your child's story and part of the patterns of your relationship.

This first video invites you to consider what your story is and what your child's story is, along with how you felt about parenting in the early days, weeks, months, and years, regardless of how old your child is now. This video also touches on adoption and the story of adoption, if that's a part of your family's experience. Feel free to share your story in our FORUM. Video 5 minutes.



What's a Secure Attachment?

What does a secure attachment look like and how is it measured? Does attachment only matter when we're little? If you don't have a secure attachment, is it possible to change it? Video 5 minutes.



What does attachment look like in our families? What behaviors show up when a child isn't connected?

With the most challenging children and behaviors, there is almost always an attachment component. There's what the child does and there's how we respond. In this video, we'll be looking at

  • babies and what shows up for them in terms of attachment,
  • toddlers and their more challenging behaviors (from clinginess and anxious to demanding and aggressive), and
  • a quick look at older kids and how attachment shows up later in childhood and early teens.

(You can check out the video referenced for Circle of Security here. This will take you to an outside link. Just come back!) Video 8 minutes.

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