Attachment Stories - Learn how to Create, Nurture & Heal Relationships (Sale)

Attachment – Part 2

Why do I do that? Understanding YOUR attachment patterns.

Bring your curiosity! This isn't a time to pull out your guilt, but simply to understand the patterns in yourself and your family so that you can connect. It isn't about perfection; it's about reconnection! Video 8 minutes.


Why do I do that? Handling Your Own Feelings. 

When you have your own big feelings, you may not handle them well and you may not handle what's happening with your kids well, either. Repair is the most important part of attachment, so go gently with yourself here. You'll learn some different ways of processing your own feelings so you can figure out what will work best for you. When you learn to process your own feelings, you'll have space to really hear your child's feelings and experience, so reconnection can happen. And you'll be modeling how to handle their own upsets for your kids. Win, win! Video 5 minutes.

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