Attachment Stories - Learn how to Create, Nurture & Heal Relationships (Sale)

Attachment – Part 3

How Can We Change for the Better? Handling Your Child's Big Feelings

In this video, we'll look at handling your child's big feelings from infancy through the teens to promote a strong bond and connection. Remember, handling feelings is an important part of a secure attachment and most of us didn't have good role models here. In this video, you will learn what do do when your child experiences big feelings - first, keep everyone safe, and then, help them move through the energy of their feelings (in connection with us when we can). Video 10 minutes.


How Can We Nurture and Heal Strong Attachments?

Looking for simple ways to be more connected? In our last video, we'll be exploring ways of creating more connection in your daily life, whether you're parenting a baby or very young child, or a teen. And guess what? They're super doable. Choose the ones that would work best for you and your family - whatever feels easiest and most accessible to you right now. Happy Connecting! Video 9 minutes.

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