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Gentle Ways to Help Your Whole Family Sleep Better: A conversation with Mar Oscategui and Rebecca Thompson Hitt, MS, MFT

Gentle Ways to Help Your Whole Family Sleep Better
A conversation with Mar Oscategui and Rebecca Thompson Hitt, MS, MFT

Are you currently experiencing sleep issues with your child(ren)? Are you confused about what is the best way to help your child fall – and stay – asleep? Have you read about (and tried) numerous recommended strategies to help your child(ren) sleep, only to still find yourself struggling?

If so, help is here in the form of an enlightening and informative conversation, Gentle Ways to Help Your Child Sleep Better, with Rebecca and Mar Oscategui, founder of the International Maternity and Parenting Institute. In just over an hour, you can learn how to change your family's sleep struggles by changing your perspective.

Gain support to let go of beliefs, expectations and practices around sleep that are not working for your family.

Learn how to re-frame your child(ren)’s sleep issues; how to understand and respect biological sleep patterns; and hear answers to some common sleep-related questions from parents struggling to meet their family’s needs for healthy sleep. Learn some surprising things that might be affecting your child’s sleep.

Find inspiration to develop a new awareness, cultivate curiosity, listen to your inner voice and create new practices around sleep that work for your unique family. With a fresh perspective, based in scientific evidence, a deep respect for families and a holistic view of sleep issues, Mar and Rebecca provide insight, inspiration and practical advice for parents experiencing difficulties around sleep with children of all ages.

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Little People, Big Challenges


We are thrilled to offer this 4-part series on infant and toddler sleep. We will follow one family through their journey as they seek help for their sleep struggles with their daughter.

For the following sessions, Rebecca Thompson Hitt teamed up with Ray Castellino and midwife Mary Jackson to share cutting-edge information in ways you can actually use in your parenting. These sessions are now available for purchase. Each session includes the audio recording to listen online or download the MP3 and a transcript of the audio. Learn more.

bridgememeMar Oscategui is the founder of the International Maternity and Parenting Institute, Association for Professional Sleep Consultants and Physical Awakening. She is a health and fitness professionals with over eighteen years of experience and training in variety of modalities with a specialty in maternity and parenting health, education and career training. She has an upcoming book: Awakening Through Sleep: A transformational and spiritual guide to pregnancy, parent and child sleep. Learn more about Mar by visiting her websites: or

400xRebecca Thompson Hitt
began The Consciously Parenting Project, LLC in 2007. She had been struggling as a parent, trying the same old things that we all do when we feel out of control and it had only made things worse. Turns out that all the fancy degrees in the world only made things worse and that true change happened when she was able to let go of trying to “make” her son do what she wanted him to do and actually connect with him and his story. Finally, through a series of divine connections and healing opportunities, she could see her family was turning around and she wanted to share what she had learned with others who were ready to make a change. Sounds simplified, but it was anything but easy. Learn more about Rebecca at The Consciously Parenting Project and her new Consciously Parenting Academy.

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