Tantrums and Emotional Upsets (Sale)

Tantrums and Emotional Upsets – 11: Always on Yellow or Red? (Sale)

Always on Yellow or Red?

Why would a child or adult always be on yellow or red?
Why do some children not seem to have a yellow and go from green to red.

What’s the child’s story? Begin at conception, move through pregnancy and birth, into early childhood and think of what happened. Start with the big things. Those events, big and small, actually affect the nervous system. The child isn’t sitting there thinking about those early events. Trauma, or things that are overwhelming, are stored in the body and that shows up in their behavior. These are the kids who have tantrums and emotional upsets more frequently.

Children who experienced a birth trauma, children who were in foster care or were adopted, especially after multiple placements, even early in life, can be more prone to frequent upsets. But it doesn’t have to be a really super big thing for this to happen. If it was overwhelming to the child, it can affect behavior if it isn’t integrated.

When there’s something overwhelming that happened early in life, it can show up in their behavior even years later if it isn’t integrated. This isn’t a gloom and doom situation. When you can recognize that these events impacted your child, you can integrate them. Integration connects body sensations, thoughts, and feelings. You can learn more about integration for children of all ages in the Healing Stories series. (LINK to Healing Stories)

Understand your child’s story. What else has happened recently? What else has changed? Has there been a divorce recently? A new school? A move? Those overwhelming events can still affect the nervous system and behavior when they aren’t integrated. It isn’t a cognitive experience for your young child.

When you can recognize your child’s story and support him, recognizing that he’s scared or overwhelmed or sad, then you can work with it.

And in that there is hope.

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