Tantrums and Emotional Upsets (Sale)

Tantrums and Emotional Upsets – 6: More About Yellow (Sale)

Yellow Light

When you start shifting out of green and into your emotional brain, what do you notice in your body? I start to notice a bit more tension in my shoulders. I may feel a little fidgety, I’m more easily distracted.

What does it look like and feel like in your body. Yellow is the fork in the road. When you can identify the yellow in yourself and your children, you can often head off the red. We all sometimes miss the subtle signs.

One family I worked with said their son didn’t have a yellow. He was in my office playing calmly and all of a sudden he started getting fidgety, playing a little more roughly with his wooden trains and that was his yellow. It was subtle.

Sometimes parents and children regulate when they’re on yellow by moving their bodies- going for a run or a walk. Others do better regulating in the quiet. Just begin to ask yourself what you need and try different things to see what helps you the most. And then do the same for your kids- ask what they need and observe what seems to help them.

Start paying attention to your own subtle cues that you’re on yellow and start paying attention to what your child looks like on yellow, as well.

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