(Academy) Unplugged - Navigating Family Relationships In The Technological Age

UnPlugged – Our relationship with screens and finding balance for the big people

In the third video in my series on relationships and technology – Unplugged: Our Relationship with Screens and Finding Balance for the Big People – I turn the focus of the conversation on us – on the parents.

In this video, I

• share my experience – successes and struggles - with technology;
• talk about the importance of reflecting on our own experience with technology;
• encourage you to think about the areas in which you struggle to find balance and what kind of help you need;
• encourage you to think about the ways in which technology helps you to connect AND disconnect; and
• discuss the importance of using this reflection to better understand – and connect with – our children about their own use of technology; and
• share how this process can be used to connect with our kids in many other situations.

Finally, I invite you to join us in a conversation (or to listen to a conversation) between real parents and families talk about their successes and challenges in the areas of technology, in the final video in these series.

So if you’ve enjoyed our first two videos, or haven’t had a chance to get to them yet, but find yourself struggling with issues around technology use, please join me for this conversation and then join us all in the forum in an ongoing conversation about how to use technology in a way that feels right for you and works for your unique family.


You may download the audio by right/ctrl - clicking here.

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