Helping Your Kids Eat Healthier- Meet Florence! (Guest blog)

Helping Your Kids Eat Healthier- Meet Florence! (Guest blog)

My name is Florence and I have been married to my best friend (who is gluten intolerant) for 22 years. We are parents to nine children, and grand-parents to one spunky little girl. I am the owner of the blog Gluten Free Foodies.

My biggest challenge to healthy eating has been myself. I knew how I wanted to be as a parent, but without any examples around me to follow this journey has been exactly that: a journey. I really believe God honored my quest to be a better person and a better parent. I am grateful for the people or books I encountered at the right times to assist me on that path.

After our first child was born I became a "food purist." To me this means that I became very aware and self conscious about all foods which entered my home to the point that if a friend invited me to dinner I might decline if I though they might feed us something I would not eat. Food was an idol. My view changed (thank God) over two major encounters. One, I met a lady at my chiropractor's office who had raised her son very much as I was raising mine. Once off to college, she shared that he started bingeing on the "forbidden" junk food he was not allowed as a child. Second, a friend of mine was very much like this lady and when her oldest daughter went to sleep-overs, she would hide in the closet to drink soda.

I realized that while healthy eating is important, it is not above relationships and it is not above a crummy attitude. People matter more than food choices. Now, my views on food are much different. I believe that if we feed our body well most of the time, we can indulge in not so healthy food at other times. For example, I do not buy soda as a general rule but we will sometimes buy some for birthdays. On occasion, my husband comes home from the fire station with donuts.

My biggest successes relate to my biggest challenges. I did not want to be a food nazi, although I hoped that as my children grew up they would adopt healthy habits (with food and otherwise). I have 3 adult children (one of whom is still a teen), three teens at home, and three younger children. We model for them healthy eating as well as healthy communication. We honor their right to make poor choices. Two of my adult kids are more health conscious, the other knows there is a better way to feed his body but it is not a priority for him right now. Sometimes he and I even joke about that. My teens go back and forth. The are mindful and eat well, but sometimes like to indulge in junk. No shame here. We do exert a bit more control over the youngest ones. For example, they can eat one donut not four. No, they cannot have brownies for breakfast.

The recipe I wanted to share is my baked grain free chicken nuggets and you can find it here:

Fried chicken nuggets on lettuce with rosemary

Fried chicken nuggets on lettuce with rosemary


Grain Free Baked Chicken Nuggets - Gluten Free Foodies

These grain free baked chicken nuggets are super easy. They do not have the crispness of the grain and fried variety...

About Florence: 

FlorenceMy name is Florence and I was born and raised in France. However, I have called the United States home for a long time…since the summer of 1987. I have been married to the love of my life since 1993. We are parents to 10 children ~ 9 by birth, one by adoption,  nine living, and one  now in heaven. AND grand-mother to one adorable baby girl born in the summer of 2014.

I am blessed to be a stay-at-home mom and have been so since the birth of our first child in 1994.  In 2007, my friend Alisha and I decided to start a web-site with zero experience – and it showed (sometimes it still does lol). Despite our many mistakes, our site was a success.  I have also have started a few on my own…including Gosh, I wish I was more clever with names.

I am also a certified craniosacral therapist. Florence's family

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    Florence –

    Thank you so much for sharing your perspectives with us. It is nice to hear about your experience with food and how it has worked for your family. Also, I LOVE the recipe. I’d like to feature it in an upcoming newsletter of mine, if that’s okay with you?


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