• Meredith Keith-Chirch replied to the topic Welcome and Introductions in the forum Consciously Parenting Academy Tribe Forum 2 years, 5 months ago

    Hello fellow parents!

    My name is Meredith, and my family consists of my husband and our daughter, age 9. We currently live in Berkeley, CA, where we moved a few months ago after having spent a year in St. Petersburg, FL, and two years prior to that in Cincinnati, OH.

    We often have a difficult time finding like-minded families to spend time with, particularly because the lifestyle we lead is so different than most others’. We are low-tech, car-free, school-free, conscious living minimalists who eat mostly organic food sourced from people we can get to know. We tend to follow what will make us happy in life, whether it be with big decisions or day-to-day ones.

    So that’s us in a nutshell. I’m not on the computer as often as most (see previous low-tech comment, heh), but I hope that this forum can serve as an occasional resource, just as Rebecca’s work has for many years for our family. 🙂