• Kristy Iris replied to the topic Womb School and Early Parenting in the forum Consciously Parenting Academy Tribe Forum 1 year, 9 months ago

    Hi all. I’m looking for recommendations for potty learning books. This is for me.

    I know my very spirited almost 3 year old will get it when she’s ready, and she’s shown interest for years. In fact she was on her way at 11 months and reversed when we moved cross country. But I feel like there might be something that I’m missing in helping her.

    She is very auditorily sensitive and the noise of flushing has been too much and scares her. She will now flush and hold her ears. But she says she’s scared of the potty and not having anything to pee or poop into like a diaper. I’ve offered to let her even sit on the potty and pee into a diaper below…

    So, I feel like I might be missing something and a book might help me…while I’m patiently waiting for her to come to it on her own. Maybe I need a book about patience.