• Rachel Rothman started the topic Community in the forum Consciously Parenting Academy Tribe Forum 2 years ago

    May’s topic is something I hold really close to my heart. I have been practicing building communities for many years of my life. I have lived in intentional community for over 15 years. I currently find myself in a place that was once an intentional community and is now in need of revival. I am excited to be in this place and explore what is here.

    My family and I live in a larger community that has a lot of people who share this vision. I really want to help catalyze this and move to the next level. I read a book not too long ago by Christina Baldwin called “Calling the Circle”. I loved her guidance in how to call circles for addressing issues, guiding projects, and meeting needs.

    The reason I mention this is because I have been thinking about how I can use this as a tool to call together the people in my community. We do have gatherings and events where we are with one another, but I would like to take the intention to the next level. How can we use this diverse group. Ranging from newborns to folks in their 80’s and figure out ways to support and be more in one another’s life.

    What really comes up for me is, if I want to do this, then I am going to really have to be really vulnerable. I am going to show everyone my authentic self in such a vulnerable environment. I have so much fear around this. For me this fear is what really stops me from moving forward. It is such a crazy thing, because when I do have these conversations with my friends it is obvious we are in solidarity.

    I would love to continue this dialog. I would also like to create and share a model for this idea for others who are interested in collaborating. One of the things I love about the circle way is that you start it, get it going and then it is shared. This is how I think of community, and why I think it is such a good model.

    I also want to explore more in restorative justice and restorative circles as a way to do the work of repair in a community setting. I look forward to talking with others.