• We’ll be talking about all things early parenting here. From pre-conception to after birth, on into toddlerhood, the concerns of parents at this stage of development are different from those with older children. AND, one of the big differences with Consciously Parenting is that we’re also looking back at this journey for our children even if they’re beyond this developmental stage and we’re also looking at our own early journey as well. Understanding our own story.

    This is the area where we can talk all things related to early life related to your own children who are those ages, your children who are older than this age, and your own journey early in your own development.

    I’ll be adding lots of content in this category for you to explore that’s already created and much more that will be new. Stay tuned. Feel free to share your stories if you would like. I’ll be opening forums to discuss birth and birth stories, and lots of other early parenting stories, but don’t wait for me. Jump in and share!